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Our Devil Vs Knight Story


8 Devils in our Education

  • Poor Teacher to Student Ratio in India.
  • Scattered Content for e-Learning across Internet with low authenticity.
  • Delay in updating the syllabus of Professional as well as K-12 Courses.
  • Need to re-locate to other Cities, other States or even other Countries for a Quality Education (Poor Availability of Quality Education).
  • Lack of proper IT-enabled infrastructure to facilitate e-learning in India.
  • No Settled platform to provide online learning combined with Student - Mentoring, Online exam and learning review.
  • Varied Standards of Education in India - yet to set a Benchmark.
  • Affordability of Quality Education.
education devil
our knight

Our 8 Knights to defeat these Devils

  • Our solutions are simplified to cater to a diverse audience.
  • Free Books and Class Notes: No distinguished standards of learning.
  • Making learning simpler and student friendly to help you learn your chapters easily.
  • Worried about your questions ? We got it! Put your queries in our knowledge Forums or send an email to your teacher.
  • Always be prepared with our Timely Online Exam Manager.
  • Current Affairs: It is always great to be up- to-date and why not, when it is absolutely FREE!
  • Get Rewarded: Help Others Learn, Solve their queries and earn redeemable points.

Who We Are


Our Company

Our belief affirms that learning is a process defined primarily by students and teachers, and supplemented by quality instruction. Enlightenment can only be attained through true learning. With that purpose in mind, e-gurukul India was born. A platform which makes learning an engaging and active process, e-gurukul India is designed to ensure that the challenges faced by students serve as markers, instead of obstacles, in their path to success. Our mission is to redefine the process of learning by making it a collaborative and simplified experience for everyone.

Team Management

As an ever-evolving platform for learning, E-Gurukul.in requires creative minds to blend inspiration into various aspects of its evolution. Consequently, we offer a host of opportunities for smart, creative people who would like to share our vision. Our employees enjoy the stability of a thoroughly tested product which maintains its penchant for successful evolution. In addition, flexibility is offered by way of exciting opportunities to develop new products and features. If you are interested in joining, send your resume/CVs to .

Passionate and Hard-Working
Fun Lover
Healthy workplace
Socially responsible

Testimonials and Awards

  • My Passion of learning new things every movement completes here.

    Saurabh Saharma - Contributor
  • I am greatful to be part of such an enthuastic and hard working peoples.

    Chandan - Advisor
  • I am part of EduCare and social NGO initiative by e-gurukul to help underpriviledged kids. I am very glad to be part of such a noble cause.

    Chirag - EduCare Volunteer